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Why settle for the same look that everyone has at your venue? Cordless and convenient, our uplights are truly a magical touch to your event decor.

Market Lighting

Our halogen bistro lights provide a rich, warm glow that is ideal for your dinner, dance-floor, or outdoor tent decor. Pairs very well with uplighting and a chandelier or monogram.

Lighting Ideas



A unique focal point that's sure to leave a memorable impression on your guests. Ideal for your dance floor or wall,

we will work with you to customize the monogram exactly to your liking.

Twinkle Lighting

Decorate your pipe and drape with twinkle lights for a fairytale effect, or use them on your head table amidst other floral decorations. We also love using twinkle lights for table skirts and

vertical hanging backdrops.

Dancin' Shoes DJ and Lighting - fairy twinkle overhead lighting, amber gold uplighting - S

Luminaires and Chandeliers

From paper lanterns to crystal chandeliers, hanging Edison bulbs to one-of-a-kind creations, lumiinaires are a clever way to add distinction and interest to your venue space. Have an idea in mind? We'd love to help!

Vertical Hanging Lighting

One of my personal favorites, vertical hanging backdrops provide a sense of depth while still allowing your beautiful venue to shine through. Great for highlighting your bridal table.

Gobos & Atmospheric Effects

Gobos add texture and a sense of depth. They can also be used to reinforce a theme, such as aspen leaves.

Bliss light and water/fire effects

are available too.

Dance-Party Lighting

Looking for that night club vibe to get the party jumpin'? Allow us to devise the best dance party lighting for your event.

Go big, or go home, right?! 

Selfie Booth

The first of it's kind. This sleek, iPad-based photo booth was designed to be user-friendly and fit into tight spaces. More importantly, your guests can entertain themselves all night long. A fantastic, modern addition to your event. Guests can email, text and post to social media sites at will. #receptionawesomeness

Cold Sparks

Give your guests something they'll never forget!This indoor-firework system produces sparks that are 100% safe and not flammable. The units are easy to control and can link together. Plus they're programmable, allowing on-demand changes to size, height, and timing of cool pyrotechnic effects. Get the same or even better effects than your traditional pyrotechnics. Our system is not only more cost efficient, but it also avoids the terrible smells and negates safety issues typically associated with professional pyrotechnics.

Popular Lighting Designs

Selfie / Projector stuff

Screen & Projector

Picture slideshows, video messages from family afar, or simply our custom cocktail and dance video montages, your guests love seeing your personality. Show them with a look behind the scenes of your life!

Personalized Song Mashup

Not only are we talented DJs, we are also audio engineers. This means that we can blend your list of songs together

for an epic dance medley. We will give you the song edit in advance so that you can rehearse and be 100% ready 

for your big routine.

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