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Meet Our Team

Sean's Dancin' Shoes DJ - Bio Pic - BnW Squared.jpg

Sean Kelly

Collecting vinyl records has always been a hobby of mine, and like many others during COVID I decided to pick up a new skill. So I combined my appreciation for crate digging with the art of DJing and purchased a pair of turntables that I set up in my kitchen. 


I have since transitioned from hobbyist to DJ so I can have an excuse to listen to music even more! 


I have an eclectic music taste, ranging from The Beatles to Billie Eilish, making sure to stop at Black Sabbath and Missy Elliot in between. I can go from 80s rock, to 90s hip-hop, to current EDM in a single sitting - always looking for new songs along the way. 


Like many, I have attended bad events in the past. And I know what effect the DJ/MC can have on a crowd. I work hard to make sure there’s life in your party - even if I have to bring it myself!


In my free time you can find me looking for a good deal on records, snowboarding, or hanging out with my dog, Bonzo. 

Johnny Pesce - Dancin' Shoes DJ bio pic v.1 BnW.jpg

Johnny Pesce

Music became a huge part of my life at a young age, learning the saxophone in early grade school. Not long after, I started learning bass guitar and drums while spearheading multiple garage bands. Through high school, I was focused on stepping up my saxophone skills after being accepted into jazz band and marching band. These incredible experiences heavily shaped how I think about musical performance & spurred the genesis of my own original music production.


Moving to Colorado after high school was massively inspiring, I was diving into the electronic music scene & playing shows wherever I could. I followed my lifelong biology passion of the natural world to an AS degree at Red Rocks, but ultimately knew music was my goal and finished my Bachelors at CU Denver in Recording Arts. 


Starting my music degree in 2018 was huge because I was able to make so many connections before covid shut things down. Realizing again that I need to take music seriously, I created an LLC to manage my musical brand LOUPHONIC.


Since transitioning to a musical career, I have been performing live band & hybrid DJ sets under the name Louphonic, teaching private saxophone lessons and freelancing audio/visual contracts. With my musical experience & years of running audio and lighting for live shows, I can comfortably take care of an event, ensuring a smooth setup/strike & keeping the dance floor groovin’ out. 


In my spare time, you can find me hiking, kayaking, biking, snowboarding, attending concerts, crate digging local shops for unique vinyls, gaming, throwing toys with the pup and thrifting for retro sweaters. 

Quiggy Site pic BnW.jpg

Jonathan "Quiggy" Quigg 

In my more formative years, music festivals have served as a home for my growth, healing, and sense of community. A space where one can be truly free and connect with others via a shared love of music and dance. 


Discovering awesome new music has always been and always will be a passion of mine. I'm always on the lookout. On top of that, sharing music is my primary love language. So it was only natural that I picked up mixing 8 years ago in a bitesized New York City apartment, creating intentional, story-driven mixes on my kitchen countertop, while testing my roommate's patience, who sat only a few feet away on the couch. Over time the skill developed. I lived in Vietnam for three years and held a Thursday night residency at a bar there, where I curated my sound. DJing weddings has shown me a home for my DJing style. I find tremendous joy in sneaking in a friend's favorite jam to see their face - and dance moves to light up on the dance floor!


As a DJ, I aim to take my loved ones on a journey of sound and emotion. While I love all types of music, I remain unboxed, trying to keep things fresh and exciting. You never know where the journey may take you - what genres may poke their head out. Through it all, I'm intentional about what I play. I see it as a gift I give to the crowd and myself (I will 100% be dancing behind the decks too!).


DJing is an integrated side-gig for my full time work as a Self-Realization Coach and Meditation Teacher. I host workshops, retreats and ecstatic dances in the Denver area, creating community spaces akin to the best music festivals, helping others build a loving, empowered relationship with themselves and others. I am a dedicated meditator, a very, very silly person, I love to learn and perhaps it goes without saying that I love to dance too!

Ontoneyo BnW squared.jpg

Antonio "Ontoneyo" Valenzuela

As a kid, I used to record over all of my mother’s cassette tapes. By high school, I got into DJing house parties. And in college, I worked as a stage manager for a large bar and music venue here in Denver - Casselman's. Sometimes, DJs wouldn't show up for their gig so this left only me staring at two turntables... so I picked up DJing in the fire.

There I hosted events and opened as a DJ where I worked with many local and national acts including Naughty by Nature, Juvenile, Young Dro, Black Thought, Scarface, Tha Liks, Hieroglyphics, Too Short, Raekwon and more.

This is where I learned the art of performance.


While attending Metro State University, I was a writer, photographer and editor for the school paper and Westword.

This is where I learned the value of impeccable time-management.


At some point, my street promotion and events led me to radio where I mixed the audio for all my own shows. Around that time I began to DJ weddings and found that I was extremely gifted at not only speaking on the mic but also connecting with the couple to deliver the experience they were aiming for.


That was almost 10 years ago and I have now DJed 800+ weddings and 1,000+ events. I still always remember that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for those attending and try to make it as memorable as possible. 


I grew up listening to vinyl records in my uncle's basement. Stuff like jazz, The Rat Pack, motown, disco, R&B and all the classics. So that often leaks into my sets, but I also love Latin music: salsa, bachata, moombahton, cubathon, reggaeton, merengue, mambo, corridos, banda and more. And of course, as a radio DJ I keep up with pop, top 20 and hip-hop, but delve into almost all genres of music including country, regional rap, EDM, exclusive remixes and other rare blends. 


My passion for music and experience in many fields helps me to deliver a near-perfect event every time.


In my spare time, I love to cook for family and friends, read books, shoot films, do community work and hang out with my wife and two children. 

Anthony's Dancin' Shoes DJ - Bio Pic - BnW Squared.jpg

Anthony Martinez

My passion for music began with playing the bass as a hobby. Soon after, I started playing other instruments and in 2018, went to Indiana University to become a Music composer after being asked “what is it that I want to do with music?'' I said, “create!”


In 2019, I moved to New York City to follow my dream. While also working 3 jobs to make ends meet, I frequently attended live shows. I soon discovered my interest in DJing and wanted to share the music I enjoy so much.


I moved back to Indiana during the pandemic in early 2020. There, I worked at a local record/guitar music store. I learned about live sound through experienced professionals and was able to work with a wide variety of musical acts - since the record store was also a reputable live venue.


In 2021, I began helping local artists and I started performing at house parties, bars, and clubs. Eventually, I became a resident DJ at a club near Notre Dame.


Once I moved to Colorado in the Summer of 2022, I realized how much fun wedding DJing can be. I get the opportunity to play hip hop/trap, pop, Latin music, indie, electronic, and a lot more in a single night.


In my free time, I create my own original music that includes elements of everything I listen to. I also love hanging out with friends and family, traveling to new and familiar places alike, attending live shows and watching YouTube!

Cole's Dancin' Shoes DJ - Bio Pic - BnW Squared.jpg

Cole Jackson

Music has always been a part of my life. I've been an active percussionist for over 13 years, getting my B.M. in Music Education, and my M.M. in Music Performance.


Throughout grad school, I learned audio engineering from one of the greats in the contemporary recording industry. I also worked for the university; live-streaming and recording concerts for the BGSU College of Musical Arts. This gave me the skills to provide consistent and professional audio engineering.


I knew when I moved to Colorado in 2022 I had to keep music in my day-to-day life, and Dancin' Shoes helped make that possible. I also coach & run audio for high school marching bands, substitute teach, and do even more audio/video setup at hotels in the Denver area.


As a Dancin' Shoes AV Manager & Event Technician, I look forward to helping your event run smoothly through creative thinking, problem solving, and communicating effectively to keep everyone in the loop.


In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, exploring Denver's vibrant food & drink options, hanging with my partner & our guinea pigs, and playing video games.

Dancin' Shoes DJ and Lighting - Michael

Michael Warkentin

In college, I became obsessed with the turntables. I formed my first band with my guitar-playing brother, Zach, where I scratched, rapped and produced albums while touring in a 6-piece band. 

I still produce and perform my own music under the name, OHNOKHAN.

I created Dancin' Shoes in 2011 with the goal of bringing a higher quality DJ experience to Colorado. I've been an artsy person all my life, so lighting was a natural progression for me in creating

a heightened atmosphere.

I am an audio engineer and music producer by day.

For over 15 years, I have recorded and mixed everything from jazz and rock to

hip-hop and pop.

I’ve engineered at Red Rocks and Abbey Road Studios in London.

In my free time, I enjoy tackling DIY projects, seeing live music and comedy shows,

drinking Old Fashioneds, and hiking with my dog, Misha.

Dancin' Shoes DJ - Cate Bio Pic 1.4.jpg

Cate Osborn

My background in music started at an early age with piano lessons and singing in choirs. I pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and earned my Master's in 2019. I taught music in schools for nearly a decade before becoming a full-time DJ.

In recent years, I discovered my love for bass music and a desire to understand this new world of electronic music.


As a DJ, I love being able to craft sets with a wide variety of genres while incorporating my unique perspective as a classically trained musician and vocalist. I prefer hip-hop, pop, dance classics and 80s-90s music most. I also love EDM. I look to blend these genres into my sets, paired with my client's requests, of course :-)

Years of running my own concerts (audio engineering, public speaking, people-herding, etc.) has helped me acquire the dynamic skills to rock weddings and private events. No matter the party, I can entertain 8-to-88 year-olds!

In my spare time, I love seeing live music and DJs, eating sushi and cuddling my cats,

Donny and Cleo.

Carolina's Dancin' Shoes DJ - Bio Pic - BnW Squared.jpg

Carolina Perez

I am a proud Colorado native. I graduated from University of Northern Colorado in 2015 with a double bachelors in Sociology and Communications. I worked in retail customer service and as a paralegal for several years after college. 


During quarantine I decided to leave the professional world for the creative world. I have loved photography, videography and visuals since I can remember. You know how every group of friends has that one person that annoys everyone with a camera to capture all the Kodak moments? That friend is ME! 


As the media and AV manager, I do many things on events days. I manage our teams but I also load and set up gear, create and capture content for social media and work closely with fellow vendors. It has truly been a pleasure working in the event/wedding industry the past couple of years. 


In my spare time, you'll find me hiking or trying out new cooking/baking recipes. I have an affinity for make-up, costumes and art. I enjoy seeing live music and attending art shows, trying new cocktails and exploring Denver's many awesome restaurants and food trucks. Although my taste in music and food is dynamic, my favorite day of the week is Taco Tuesday... you just can't beat a good taco and a margarita!

Here's a link to some of my recent work for Dancin' Shoes.

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